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From: Lloyd Stark (
Date: Thu 03 Aug 2000 - 01:28:00 EEST

Hi, first time poster here, just wanted to say hello before posting
anything,as a gesture of respect to the old warhorses of the list.
  About me: I have been playing games in Glorantha since junior high,
when I proudly gamed using the RQ2 rules with the lizard trying to
eat the amazon on the front. hero Wars getting released had brought
me back to glorantha after a long hiatus, and I am slowly inuring my
gaming group to it's unique atmosphere and play style.
  We are still getting used to HW, as a game it has a very non
traditional format. My old school mechaniclally oriented gamers are
slow to embrace it..I/ll go into more detail at a later post.
Oh, on the topic of criminals...mysticism, tradition, and folk tales
are rife in the underworld community. Most organised crime families
are oriented ethically, but often there are ceremonial, mystical , or
religious aspects to initiation withing the group. The Omerta
ceremony of the Cosa Nostra, the voodoo/santeria of the Haitian and
Jamaican posses, Tong secret societies that worship their
"ancestors"...the list goes on. Imagine how much more mystically
oriented criminals would be, as others have pinted out, with
tangible, concrete entities available for mystic contact, and the
granting of actual supernatural powers? I dont think I could resist...
   Anyways, good reading so far, glad to be aboard, and thanks to
those who pointed me in helpful directions .

          Lloyd Stark, Esq.

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