Eurmal the scapegoat

From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Thu 03 Aug 2000 - 03:27:10 EEST

> Can anyone think of a myth that would revolve around Eurmal being blamed
> for something that *gasp* wasn't his fault?

> Andrew E. Larsen

Well, I seem to recall the Eurmali version of the coming of death and
darkness... This is just from memory.

"There was strife between gods, small at first, but getting bigger and
nastier. Eurmal played many pranks, and did amusing things. Many of the
god's vere not amused by his actions, and started blaming Eurmal for all
the things that went wrong, or just werent to their liking. Eurmal grew
tired of being blamed and punished for every evil in the world. He decided
to make the others pay for blaming him for things he had not done, and set
out to destroy the world..."

We all know what follows. Eurmal brings Death into the world, and sits
amid the disorder or the crumbling cosmos. Later he changes his mind, and
helps the Lightbringers heal the world.

I _like_ this take on the mythology, and I think there's more than a grain
of truth in it too.


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