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Date: Fri 04 Aug 2000 - 19:36:44 EEST

Philip Hibbs wrote:

>"Anaxial's Roster is going out the door. Glorantha Trading Association
>copies have been mailed, and wholesale orders are being shipped this week."
>Does this answer the questions about what book us GTA members are going to
>get? I was slightly concerned that I might find a duplicate copy of G:IttHW
>in the post, but this sounds like it'll be AR (which at least has an easier

No. Remember that Heroes get everything.

Greg will be sending e-mail about GTA books, since the publishing
schedule hasn't turned out to be quite what was originally envisioned.

In a fine piece on Aldryami, Chris Lemens wrote:

>I asked a while back why elves would be cannibals rather than eat
>water, earth, and light, like other plants. (No, not air. Elves don't
>recognize air as a separate element from sky/light; rain is a manifestation
>of water; lightning is a manifestation of fire.) The reason has to do with
>their survival in the Darkness. When the Sky was Dark, the Earth was Stony,
>and the Water Burned, they ate their siblings' dormant, vacant bodies.

Pacific Northwest forests feature what if I remember correctly are
called "nursery logs," i.e. a tree falls not only letting in light
but also providing a place for smaller plants to grow. They really
will take root in rotting logs.

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