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Date: Tue 01 Aug 2000 - 03:13:42 EEST

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> John Hughes
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> >Just what, pray tell, is a book burning?
> Its something the Nazis where fairly keen on and no doubt the
> Lunar Empire (and probably the Labour Empire shortly).

Nonsense. The Lunar Empire believes in freedom of belief, and in
nothing as crude
as book-burning. You're thinking of those Lhankor Mhy types, who like
book-burning anyway 'cos it helps raise their consulting fees by eliminating
pesky competition. ("Ah, your facing *that* horrible creature of chaos. Here it
is, in the sole copy of Drastic Resolutions in a 500 keymile radius. That'll be
250 Wheels, cheers.")

Now, for those who cannot bring themselves to accept the bounty of the Goddess,
they are obviously possessed or mentally ill in not being able to
understand its
superiority, and so are suitable the kind treatment of our sisters in Jakaleel.
They've done some wonders using lightning in the treatment of such disorders of
the mind. Some of the patients can even still speak simple sentences after a
successful treatment! It's truly amazing the advances that our Lunar
way of life

There are also our humane re-education camps in Dorastor and Pent. For some,
challenging work in hostile environments, with devoted corporal instruction by
the Xaroni cenobites, helps to clear the mind to receive the wisdom of the
Goddess and to reject the atomistic individualism of the false Orlanth.

At least that's what they tell the examiners when they're up for
parole, errr, I
mean testing for acceptance of the Lunar Way.

(I see Blair as more a Lhankor Mhy/Orlanthi person, meself. "Tough on Chaos,
tough on the causes of Chaos.")



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