Unsustainable Thralls

From: Gary R Switzer (gswitzer@loop.com)
Date: Sun 06 Aug 2000 - 22:34:26 EEST

Phil Hibbs says:

>This is also what led me to ask about numbers of thralls, because they have
>a population of 1150 and 200 thralls, which I think is unsustainable in
>Orlanthi culture.

One possible explaination might be that pre-Rebellion your clan had a
population of 900 or so, plus 50 thralls, and less territory. Betraying the
Rebels to the Lunars got you 150 "thralls" (displaced members of those
clans who chose options 1 or 2) as a share of the spoils, plus a chunk
of land from a neighboring clan with the 50 people living on it.

How this influx of new people gets handled should keep your clan circle
busy for some time.

Gary R Switzer
Aero Hobbies


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