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Date: Mon 07 Aug 2000 - 04:08:29 EEST

Nick Eden

> I do find myself wondering who the Citadel folk worship. In Griffin
> Mountain it is said that a significant number of people worship
> Yelmalio. Yelmalio's rather been retconned into non-existance these
> days. So who do they worship?

Not true: "Thus it was that Monrogh, who thought he worshipped Elmal,
discovered that he instead worshipped Yelmalio, and so went away and
ended the conflict in the land."

Yelmalio in Balazar has been retconned into Tharkantus, or rather
that would be the deity that Balazar brought, it being the Imperial
Age Sun Dome cult.

> I suppose he could have been a worshipper of Yelm, who'd lost out in
> whatever the Dara Happan's had in place of dart wars in those days
> retreating into the wilderness and building something at least
> remotely civilised about himself

Since Balazar wasn't a Dara Happan, I don't think this works.

Hmm, it looks like <>
answers your question pretty clearly (and essentially the same as I
did above). Balazarings worship Yelmalio Tharkantus.

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