Re: Kyger Litor

Date: Mon 07 Aug 2000 - 09:53:01 EEST


<< >With the animist/theist divide in HW, I pondered which trolls were.

  AFAIK they can use any tradition to worship her (I haven't seen Anaxial's
Roster yet). Most Uz would worship her in an animist manner (as in stated in
Troll Gods) while a
  minority are theists (the "civilised" regions of Dagori Inkarth,
Shadowlands, Blue Moon Plateau and Halikiv). There's also sorcerous Uz but
they exist mainly in Guhan.>>

      AR has typical trolls being animist, but my understanding is that Kyger
Litor is a defiant cult, since the Underworld is where the god, spirit and
sorcery worlds overlap. So, as you say, a minority would be theist.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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