Re: Blaming the Trickster

From: Douglas Seay (
Date: Mon 07 Aug 2000 - 16:52:12 EEST

Donald Oddy wrote:

> There are also those unpopular decisions which have to be taken, like
> accepting humiliating terms to end an inter-clan war because the
> alternative is seeing the clan wiped out.

Why the Trickster? To me that is well within the realm of Ernalda. To
hell with honor if the clan gets destroyed. Better your pride is hurt
than the men killed and the women and children enthralled. Eurmal may
have done something to start the feud, but the descision to pay tribute
and end the feud is going to be championed by Ernalda's priestess using
the "think about the children" cajole. They may hope for a quick
turnaround where the can get out of the agreement, but the top priority
is going to be to save the existance of the clan.

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