Blaming the Trickster

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Date: Sat 05 Aug 2000 - 00:45:29 EEST

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>I agree, in that instance blaming the trickster is meaningless. However,
>one of the advantages that I can see of having a trickster on the clan ring
>is that the ring can make decisions and legitimately lay the blame on the
>trickster. In a HW game that I started a couple of weeks ago, we went
>through the clan generation system, and I rolled dice for who got to answer
>each question, me included. I got to answer the Starbrow's Rebellion
>question, and wound up my players a good 'un by deciding that the clan
>betrayed the rebels to the Lunars. The trickster on the ring took the
>blame, but was it really his decision? Maybe he was acting alone, maybe he
>was just carrying out the will of the ring. However, just as a thief may be
>punished by cutting off his hand, the ring served it's punishment by
>outlawing the trickster. Justice was done, and no guilt remains. Anyone
>still trying to blame the ring for this act is IMO jeopardising their
>identification with their Orlanthi role, and will have difficulty in any
>situation that relates to the mythic role of the trickster.

There are also those unpopular decisions which have to be taken, like
accepting humiliating terms to end an inter-clan war because the
alternative is seeing the clan wiped out. Or within the clan where
two powerful groups are blaming each other for a complex dispute
where both are at fault. Blaming either one will cause problems so
the trickster gets blamed for causing the groups to act as they did.

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