Flammable Books & Unworthy Texts

From: MOB (mrmob@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Sat 05 Aug 2000 - 18:14:45 EEST

Hi all,

Unworthy texts

>Lets burn all unworthy texts. Get them lined up folks

I'm surprised no issues of HEROES magazine made it onto Dave's list. But
I'm looking forward to a future Gloranthacon where we can have a community
singalong around the campfire, toasting marshmellows over the flickering
embers of David B's and Bryan's RQ collections.

Flammable Books

Dan wonders:
>Here we have the first known incidence of a DoD burning, and a mass one. The
>owner of the store knew his duty, and did it. Torched the whole stack he'd
>received. Hopefully he removed the rest of his inventory beforehand.
>Who is this mighty hero? We should all congratulate him!

Undoubtedly, it was the same gamestore that had stockpiled all the
remaining copies of GORP magazine...



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