Re: Anaxial's Rooster & Convulsion

Date: Tue 08 Aug 2000 - 20:56:27 EEST

Tim Ellis:

<< I think someone (DD?) said there was a new mailing due "soon", and I
suspect this is what Trotsky is referring to - although it does sound like he
has received it, I am another initiate who hasn't... >>

       Yeah, sure, I received it on the 4th of August. It was presumably
intended to be sent out to all GTA members, so if you haven't received it,
something odd is going on. Since you don't appear to be the only, and since I
see no reason to assume it's confidential, here's the important part:

: Because Anaxial's Roster was intruded into the schedule, Issaries wants to
: make sure Initiates get their due as soon as possible. Therefore, any
: initiate or rune master may request of Issaries to get a copy of EITHER
: Glorantha or Anaxial's Roster to be sent to them immediately, instead of
: whatever other book they had previously chosen. Your name, as a supporter,
: will still be inscribed in the original book of your choice. You will not
: get a copy of that book then, if you choose to get Glorantha or Anaxial's
: Roster now.

: If you wish to do this, please contact and put [GTA] in
: the message line. State which book you want. Write down your mailing
: address in the body of the letter.

: The other Gloranthan publications are still coming along now. The three
: supplements that were planned, and in which the initiates' names will
: appear, are all scheduled to be released over the next twelve months. They
: are Thunder Rebels, Imperial Lunar Handbook (formerly She Guards Us), and
: Sartar Rising! We decided to make them all longer and they've taken longer
: as a result.

<< It would have been nice to have Anaxial's Rooster (sic) and the new TotRM
out as well though, both of which only just missed it (assuming Tales is due
very soon...)

     Well, the printers' proofs were there, and a few people were lucky enough
to see them before Greg had to whisk them away to safety (they were later
sold at the Auction).

<< Should the committee for the next one perhaps solicit more seminars from
amongst the audience or general public... A call for papers or call for
seminar subjects on this and hero wars list might be in order. >>

      I did volunteer, and was booked to do a seminar, but sadly they put it
opposite a freeform I was in, so it had to be cancelled at the last minute :-(

<< > Glorantha was published before the players books because it provides
>framework in which to fit them -

= and was originally intended to be part of the Core Set anyway (Indeed at
one stage wasn't it scheduled to appear *before* the game?) >>


<<> an essential prerequisite for new players,
>IMO. AR came out before Thunder Rebels etc. because I finished writing it

I'm sure this is (mostly) true, although I was under the impression that
Robin had finished TR ages ago.>>

      Finished the bits of it he had to write, yes. I gather there is more,
which is being written by others. It was just good luck (for me) that I
happened to finish AR before the other writers were finished with their books.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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