Questions about animism

From: Olli Kantola (
Date: Sun 13 Aug 2000 - 22:27:02 EEST

Now that animists have a other side of their own (decently described one
that is), how did Harrek skin that Great Spirit of his tribe? Is he really
tough at spirit combat? Ferocity, anger and strenght don't help
there. How did he catch the spirit anyway? Is he somekind of a shaman? Did
he interrupt rituals and skin a guy that was channeling the spirit?

How do Praxian tribesmen get their magic? They aren't going to get it
directly from the spirits. Do the shamen give them fetishes like in
RQ? How do they use those and can they have an unlimited amount of
fetishes? Does it cost anything (fatigue, mental energy, sweat) to invoke

Olli Kantola


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