Re: Terra Incognita on Elves

Date: Thu 17 Aug 2000 - 23:55:27 EEST

Chris Lemens:

<<So, in a fit of hypocrisy and self-Gregging, I'll reverse my previous
position and say that Yellow Elves, being far from Aldrya, had to have the
active help of her proxies to reproduce, while the Greens did not, due to
their physical proximity. Another possibility is
that all of the female Yellow elves (and the ability to produce more) were
killed off at some point, probably no earlier than the Storm Age.>>

      Of course, the interesting question is why the brown elves have females
when the yellow elves (from which they were originally descended) don't...

<< I see that a number of things have been un-Gregged; for instance,
Shanasse. Speaking of whom, is there any connection between Shanasse Aldrya's
lover and Shanassae the sky critters also known as Certami? Or is that just
linguistic happenstance? >>

       I can't say for certain, as this additional name came from either Greg
or Stephen Martin, not from me. But it does rather sound like there's
intended to be a connection though, doesn't it? Shanassae might be the elven
name for certami, for instance - its plausible they'd know about them, IMO.

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