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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 19 Aug 2000 - 02:25:42 EEST

Michael Cule:
> One of my players is so disgusted with the lack of response by his clan
> to his rallying cry for them to join Starbrow's Rebellion that he has
> asked me if he can disavow them and leave the clan. What's the standard
> Orlanthi view on this? Can he? Does he have to do something weird and
> mythological? (I know about the Humakt rituals: he's an Orlanthi...)

In principle it's totally discretionary, I think. Unlike the
Humakti biz, it doesn't directly help you 'resist call of kin',
as it were, but that may be fairly academic, given the radical
nature of the step. His next tasks would be a) not get killed, if
the pissing-off has been mutual, and b) find another community
to take him in, if not another clan, then a warband or whatever,
to avoid a) in the longer term...

If he wants a mythological rationale, or a ritual to perform to
add a bit of sting for the clan (banging the door loudly on his
way out, as it were), I'm sure any myth where Orlanth disowns one
of his kin for acting dishonorably would serve, whether or not
Orlanth laves the clan, which seems a bit problematic. OTOH,
there are bound to have been ancestral figures or local tradition
religious heroes than have done such things...



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