Re. And another thing...

Date: Fri 18 Aug 2000 - 11:49:36 EEST

Michael Cule writes:

<<One of my players is so disgusted with the lack of response by his
clan to his rallying cry for them to join Starbrow's Rebellion that
he has asked me if he can disavow them and leave the clan. What's the
standard Orlanthi view on this? Can he? Does he have to do something
weird and mythological? (I know about the Humakt rituals: he's an

So, this guy wants to sever his links with his clan and go to war and
possibly (probably?) death? This sounds to me like the kind of
life-changing transition that requires a rite of passage - like the
turning toward Humakt kind of rite of passage?

Richard Crawley


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