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Date: Sat 19 Aug 2000 - 06:28:28 EEST

Ian wrote

> Also in KoDP there are episodes where members of the
> clan who have been absorbed quarrell with those who
> claim descent of kindred (I think they have names
> maybe David can illuminate this one).

The Nalda Bin or "Stick Farmers" if I recall correctly. At one time,
you actually got to choose which remnant people you took in, but for
simplicity, we just picked the one with the best name.

So the name would be different for each clan, depending on what
ragged refugees they adopted.

> IMHO KoDP is a good source for how an Orlanthi clan
> 'works'.

I agree (though there would be a few changes over 200 years) -- and
KoDP had to make certain game choices that you wouldn't make in a
game with a narrator or multiple players.

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