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Date: Mon 21 Aug 2000 - 10:48:09 EEST

Olli Kantola:

> >RQ3 already has ample detail on fetishes for spirit magic
> >and binding spirits in matrices.

>Yes, but in RQ you can't have "an unlimited amount of" fetishes
>(because of free int) and matrises are much more expensive, than
>the new Gloranthan reality dictates (I assume, that HW describes

I dunno how accurate HW is to the new Glorantha reality considering
its deliberate heroic focus and I wouldn't bat an eyelid if a
nitty-gritty grognard said that RQ2/3 was a far better description
of glorantha.

That said,

>BTW, do ever fetishes "run out" of their mojo? Are the spirits bound to
>fetishes freed after the owner of the fetishes dies?

It depends on the fetish. If the fetish was one-use (something
you might want consider introducing in Runequest), then the
spirit leaves the fetish once it has been manifested.

If a fetish was multiple-use or the spirit was embodied then
it remains there after the owner dies until someone else
picks it up and uses it.

>Can deists use
>fetishes without problems (I have a Kolating shaman in my group.)?

It becomes one use and some religions regard this as sinful.

>I'd expect that shamen can't "manufacture" fetishes for infidels
>for money without damaging their connection to their fetches,

The spirit-talkers in KoDP seemed to have no such inhibitions.
Quite the opposite IIRC...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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