Re: Fetishes, Draconic Buildings and Human Sacrifice.

From: Wesley Quadros (
Date: Wed 23 Aug 2000 - 00:21:00 EEST

The Glorantha Digest wrote:

> From: Olli Kantola <>
> Subject: animism

> As I understand, in HW fetishes disintegrate, are stolen by midgets, are
> claimed by clan elders, lose their mojo, etc. if you don't spend 1 HP to
> cement it. What does this mean? How to discribe this to the player? What
> does the character feel? Or is this cementing just a rules construct, that
> doesn't have any significanse to the campaign world?

I think that this depends on where the fetish comes from. If it is plunder
then it rightfully belongs to the Chief. If you spend the HP then he
graciously gifts it back to you. If the fetish was given to you by the clan's
spirit-talker and you do not cement it then the shaman asked for it back for a
ritual he was conducting.

> From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Ian=20Cooper?= <>
> Subject: EWF architecture
> Anyone have any idea what sort of architectural styles
> to use for inspiration for EWF ruins.

I picture Cthulu (sp?) for draconic buildings. Another image that always
appears in my mind when I picture Dragon's Eye is a image from the "Rifts" RPG
that shows a Xittix hive.

> From: "Javier Amor" <>
> Subject: Human sacrifices
> Besides chaos, wich human cults have human sacrifices?

Yara Aranis and Hon Eel use human sacrifice though it is officially banned in
the latter case. The Crimson Bat also consumes humans.

I would suspect that Babester Gor and Moran Gor do it in some cases.

Fjordaur the god of murder does not use human sacrifice per se but murdering
somebody is part of their ritual ceremonies.

Shargash definitately likes human sacrifice, lots of it and the bloodier the




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