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From: Weihe, David (
Date: Sat 26 Aug 2000 - 02:11:33 EEST

> From: "Javier Amor" <>
> >Surprisingly, none pointed out that Humakti are, in effect,
> >sacrificing their opponents and perhaps themselves when killing in
> >battle
> I don't believe so, sacrifice needs some ritual not just killing
> IMO the essence of the ritual of the sacrifice is that he offering

> became sacred. For that reason i don't believe that in the most cases
> cult enemies will not be sacrified.

The sacrifice is giving them to the god, rather than to one's
normal uses. As an example, the invading Israelites dedicated
several Canaanite cities to the LORD. No prisoners were to be
taken, and the loot from the city or their bodies was to be burned.

All RW communities sacrificed less valuable objects as time went
on. By the end of the pagan period in the Roman Empire, only
gladiators or a few escaped prisoners could be viewed as
sacrifices (see The Golden Bough for the escaped prisoners).

Obviously, sacrificing something really valuable is better for
a given quantity of victim, but sacrificing the enemy usually
makes up for it in quantity. "We Varmandi can only afford to
lose a few of us before a battle, but we can sacrifice as
many Orleving prisoners as possible during or afterwards."


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