Published earth temples and a few other Earth bits

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Fri 25 Aug 2000 - 01:39:43 EEST

Without actually checking the sources in question (slap wrist, but I don't
have time), I believe there is mention of:

the Ernalda temple in Pavis, which is a cube (including the basements).

an earth temple in "Shadows on the Borderlands": yes, it's Sun County,
which is pretty non-standard, but at least it's published. Sorry, don't
remember any details.

Wasn't there a write-up of Nochet in Tradetalk an issue or two ago? If
they managed to get through that without mentioning an Earth temple I'd
be amazed.

BTW, can anyone explain to me why 4 is an important number to the
Earth cults, but we still have the Maiden/Mother/Crone trio, and three
sisters per generation? Are we missing one?

I think the earlier posts covered almost everything I'd say about Earth
temples and worship, with the exception of Pigs. Sacred Earth animals,
and a lot happier in chilly Sartar than snakes or lizards. Very important
creatures. And if the idea just makes you giggle a lot, read some Celtic
mythology about Ceridwen, the white sow who eats her own young.

Jane Williams


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