From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri 25 Aug 2000 - 03:16:35 EEST

Chris Lemens:

>1. Aldryami Unity in the Song is rather like the Unity described >in the
>Julian May books; i.e. it is not so all-encompassing that elves are
>incapable of individual initiative.

I think that most Elves purposely lose themselves in the
Song as individual awareness is known to be caused by
Oblivion. The Rootless are most affected by this to such
an extent that they cannot hear the song. A few elves
(including PCs) are exceptional in that they can hear the
Song and initiate an action (instead of acting reactively).

>2. Young elves are not even that Unified. Until they grow sex
>organs, they
>can't hear the song.

They can. They can't appreciate its finer nuances and
so worship "loud" euphonies like Halamalao.

>These are the ones that often leave the forest.

Often is way overstated IMO. Elves that are seen outside
the forest are young elves (or rootless) but they are a
small minority of the young elves in the forest. And even
then most of them would move around in Halamalao's light
and every night remain in the vicinity of a corpse of trees
or a river.

- --Peter Metcalfe
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