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Date: Wed 30 Aug 2000 - 23:17:20 EEST

Alex Ferguson wrote:

> > Marriage Issues - " Clans are exogamous, and the wives must come from
> > someplace else."
> >
> > Bloodline, Family, Household - "Bloodlines are exogamous, which means that

> > members of the same bloodline can never marry or have sex with each other."
>But that's the crux of it! There's a world of difference between
>a strictly exogamous clan and a strictly exogamous bloodline.

Indeed. One is a clan, the other is a bloodline.

An exogamous clan marries outside itself.

An exogamous bloodline marries outside itself. This may or may not be
outside the clan, depending on whether the clan is exogamous. So it's
an odd redundancy that, having said clans are exogamous, Greg goes on
to say that bloodlines are as well. Unless he was clumsily saying
that you can have sex within a clan (but not within a bloodline),

just not marriage.

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