Kost the Zebra Rider

From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey (goihlk@zedat.fu-berlin.de)
Date: Thu 03 Aug 2000 - 23:50:05 EEST

Ian Thomson:
>I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas of what [Desert
>Trackers] get up to. Are they all zebra folk?
>(Since the zebra tribe seems to have a connection to Issaries)

Peter Metcalfe:
>Kost, the only named Desert Tracker, is not a Zebra rider.

Pavis & Big Rubble, page 44
"Kost the Tracker
The only successful Desert Tracker in the city, a self-made man, formerly of
the Zebra Tribe."

>I really don't think Issaries is as prominent in the Zebra
>Tribe as Drastic: Prax suggests. Joraz Kyreem's connection
>with Issaries was a personal one and one largely redundant
>on the plaines of Prax.

The first Cult Membership table (in Cults of Prax) gave the Zebra Riders the
same percentage (five) of their people being worshippers of Issaries. That's
what players and GMs have been going on now for twenty years.
Zebra Riders are (after Olgkarth, at least) known as go-betweens in Prax.
That fits Issaries and demonstrates the utility of his worship on the

>I see the Zebra Riders as being the Pavisite sonofabitches
>to defend them against the Animal Nomads. In the Pavis
>and Big Rubble book, they are largely portrayed as bandits.

Yes, of course. They are bandits and opportunists. I don't see any
contradiction here, if you are implying any. They fit right in with everyone



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