Orlanthi Mountains

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Date: Fri 16 Nov 2001 - 00:07:42 EET


I was wondering what Other Orlanthi's Sacred Orders of Space (that is, mostly
mountains) look like with respect to their own local geography. Has anyone
ever estimated how far Kero Fin and the Top of the World would be visible?

Heortland: Kero Fin is at the end of Aedin's Wall but Stormwalk seems more
important (and maybe it's at the other end), for it's likely there that the
worshippers take off.

Pol Joni: Same as Heortland, but the ground looks like chapparal and probably
the Paps, the Block and other Praxian features such as Eiritha's Herd are
visible as well.

Pavis: Any idea? I'd say they go to Kero Fin... maybe using the Rockwoods as
a launching ramp.

Aggar, Bilini, Talastar: The Lunar Map shows plenty of mountains! Is there
anything known about Bear Mtn, Soren Mtn, and the Great Queen Mtn? (The
latter I guess is the Talasting version of Orlanth's mother).

Ralios: TR says the Top of the World is their central mountain. If its
visible from Lankst and Delela, I want to agree (there's a 600 km's distance
either side!).

Wenelia: I suppose there must be a Boar Mtn somewhere in Maniria...

Fronela: Congern's HtWWW background is on an old digest, where he wants to
marry the White Mountain Princess in order to gain rulership of Oranor, which
sounds good. So I suppose Inora is the Mountain Queen there (daughter of



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