Date: Sat 17 Nov 2001 - 03:33:22 EET

Hello Folks, Alain

> But I would really be interested to see an Aldryami book at some point in
> the future. Such a project had always been envisaged in the past but had
> always been cancelled/postpone because of the new editions of RQ and its
> eventual death. Even if not speciafically designed for HW, there is plenty
> of existing material regarding Uz, but almost nothing concerning Aldryami
> AFAIK. Even dwarves have had more material written on their subject than
> Aldryami. The vision of Elf has also evolved since the very beginning, and
> their HW version looks to be really the Gloranthan one (unless Greg
> changes his mind :) ). This is also why I am really looking forward to
> seeing more material on them. Any known plans for such publications ? Any
> good web sources regarding Aldryami ?

Shannon Applecline writes an article series for Tradetalk about aldryami.

So far:
TT # 7 "Legends of the Westwood"
TT # 8 "Legends of Pavis"
TT # 9 "Legends of Genert"
TT # 10 "Legends of the Arstola" (upcoming)
TT # 11 "Legends of Tarinwood" (upcoming)





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