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From: Leon Kirshtein <>
Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 18:01:09 EET

Leon Kirshtein:

>>My biggest question is: Merfolk, in Glorantha, still
>breath air, so how do they live in a city under
> I know they can hold their breaths for several
>but it still seems very inconvenient way to live? How
>do they sleep without suffocating?

Simon Hibbs:

>>I can only speculate, but it's quite possible they
have large, dome-shaped buildings that trap huge air bubbles. Sea plants might even renew the oxygen for them, eliminating the need for manually bringing down supplies of fresh air.

Peter Metcalfe:

>>Missing Lands refers to the Malasp having Bubble
Nests (p11) and so I imagine the Ludoch have similar technology. Refreshing the stagnant air is an interesting problem and probably revolves around the worship of their Storm Ancestor, Diendimos.

I do not think what "large, dome-shaped buildings that trap huge air bubbles." are really practical, after all, the merfolk do not have legs and therefore would not be capable of getting around inside. I see large coral apartment structures. Collecting oxygen from plants, on the other hand, is very likely. I can see every dwelling having a small oxygen garden.

What would be the brake up of Deeper's population and worship? After all from various sources Deeper has a population anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 being?

Is there any information any where on Diendimos?

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