Re: Questions about Malkioni

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <>
Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 19:31:29 EET

> Trotsky
> >Sorcery spells are not flexible - they do what exactly what it says on
the tin.<
> I've often wondered just how this is supposed to work when the only
description of a spell we have is it's name. Something like "Slow Wind" is pretty obvious, but what about "Curse of Catastrophe" or "Enhance Understanding"?

Make it up the first time someone uses it in your game (or beforehand), and that is the way it manifests every time you use it thereafter. We didn't include specific spell effects for the same reason that we didn't include specific feat effects - we want *you* to decide what "Curse of Catastrophe" means to your game. Remember: Your Glorantha *Will* Vary.


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