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Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 07:38:44 EET

> >1 How do grimoires look like?

> Grimoires range from ancient musty tomes to richly illustrated bibles.
> are massive in size and usually chained to a lectern to prevent thieves.

Hmm, Efendi wants to know about precise style of books like forio and / or scrolls.

> >Are there any difference between that of
> >Wizards belonging to church and that of Sorcerers who only care with
> >Praxis and Doxis? (Maybe Efendi expects a sort of free symposium between
> >wizards, like very enlightened area like God Learners or modern Sog
> >City....)
> Although the principles behind the grimoires are very different, the
> within can be understood and duplicated to some extent or another. Only
> when you go to magics from a higher realm such as secrets, saintly
> blessings and whatever sorcerers might use do problems arise.
Secret, I forgot a sense, I began to think secret is something alien to Brithini View to the Logic and Metaphysic to Objective Worldview. And secret is connected to something transcendental mystical existence. You might think about Malkioni Mysticism both in Perfecti and some Brithini sorcerers.....

From your posting file of First Age Tradetalk mailing list: <<Virtues are the most common form of Malkioni magic now. They are little known in the Hero Wars for they have been superseded by saintly magics. They are inferior to Spells for they rely on reason rather than logic. Thus they cannot be used to affect other objects or peoples. They are not Blessings for they originate from the mind of the caster rather than a saintly intelligence. Hence the support of the congregation cannot be used to support them.>>

Though I don't know enough about the difference between reason and logic. Subjectivity and Objectivity? If Hrestol firstly induced the "Virtues", does it mean that Hrestol was contaminated by Subjective Truth of Mysticism as his method of exploration in Hero Planes from the POV of Brithini? Just a personal comment. In a sense, mystical Othersides exist in each of mystics....(from the comment of Japanese HW appendix (written by Japanese Grey Lords (translators.))

> >3 How can characters use the same quotations from Abiding Book
> >blessings /cursings as well as spells? (See HW 1st p.199)
> By being trained. Spell-casting is magic taught by the Wizards
> and Sorcerers while invoking blessings/curses is liturgical magic.
> Passages of the Abiding Book can be understood in both senses
> and more than a few Malkioni are capable of casting spells and
> blessings.
> >How far ordinary clergies understand the sentences?
> They can perform effective magic as a result of their understanding.

Wizards and Knights. Joy of the Heart and Solace of the Body? It seems that I don't completely understand the sentence of Zzabur's words at the top of Revealed Mythologies. And I can't understand where Zzabur had lived before Brithos disappeared from Middle World. Maybe Brithos itself was a bridge between Mundane World and Solace....?

> >8 What will it occur in future Illiteracy Era in Malkioni Areas? I know
> >don't know it, but if sorcerers cannot read anything....? (KOS)
> I don't think the Illiteracy curse affects Malkioni lands (or even
> lands).

It is exactly the same Efendi thinks.



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