Re; Merfolk domes and air supplies

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Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 13:35:59 EET

Leon Kirshtein :

>I do not think what "large, dome-shaped buildings that
>trap huge air bubbles." are really practical, after
>all, the merfolk do not have legs and therefore would
>not be capable of getting around inside.

I don't recall saying anything about a floor - as Peter suggests I see them as being open-bottomed and large enough for groups of Lludoch to congregate, anf even play leaping games. Shelves could provide living spaces for terrestrial visitors.

>I see large coral apartment structures. Collecting oxygen
>from plants, on the other hand, is very likely. I can see
>every dwelling having a small oxygen garden.

Lludoch live in open water, and so I can't see small enclosed buildings holding much attraction for them.


>Do plants make Air in Glorantha? In the RW yes, but I would
>guess that Gloranthan plants do not make Air. Worshipping a
>Storm God to refresh the air would make more Gloranthan
>sense, either that or very long tubes with spirits blowing
>the air down them. Perhaps there are servant beings who
>fetch air from the surface and put it into the bubbles.

I prefer to avoid meachnistic uses of magic in contexts other than the Mostali and the God Learners. In Glorantha, myth explains things that are explained by science in our world, but the facts of life and the everyday world remain largely the same. I'd rather see mythic explanation why some plants keep air fresh, than some missuse of air spirits taken out of their natural context.

Simon Hibbs

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