Brithini POV to Abiding Book

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> >As far as I know, Abiding Book Original Text was miraculously written by
> >Jrusteli and other many contemporary languages around 646 ST. (So I need
> >to be worried about the connection between Koran and Arabic, or the
> >at the Tower of Babel.)
> >
> The Abiding Book was written in the Abiding Script, and has not been
> translated into local languages, except perhaps by the odd heretic or
> weirdo. I'd say the analogies with the Koran and Arabic are very apropos.

I seriously misunderstood about the Book. How do you think did Atheists see the miracle of Abiding Book? They certainly helped God Learners founding their Empire. (Brithini KNOW Invisible God has no personality as monotheists believe.....)

> >
> >
> >And some of contents can be seen in Greg's Revealed Mythologies, but how
> >about the modern Edition of AB?
> >
> It hasn't changed - its text is sacred. Having said that, some sects use
> books derived from it rather than the thing itself, and others have
> books of 'interpretations' of the text which don't agree from sect to

Then, Abiding Book was written by a sort of similar language of Brithini? Or like the elemental speechs, linked to something magical essense, so it doesn't always need witnesses of Writing of it?

> >What is the meaning of
> >Zzabur's statement about Solace? (RM p.2) "the material of Malkion the
> >Sacrifice had been spread into the material of the world." Is it a bluff
> >deceive ignorant pagan beasts? Or he truly believed Malkion was
> >for the material world sake? (See RM p.8 Appendix 13)
> >
> He truly believes it. Its a key feature of Brithini belief, and not too
> far from modern Malkioni belief, either (yes, he was sacrificed for the
> world's sake, no he wasn't spread into the material world - he went to
> Solace).
> --

But how about the modern Brithini who keep futile living "soulless" bodies in Refuge, Sog City and Aloranit? Is there difference between them and their ancestors before Dawn? (Or, more optimistic days before Closing? )

Today, Aloranit is a lifeless desert by abusing tapping (I suppose), but in older days, elves lived in a forest of Brithos when Arkat and his mother lived. Though I don't know enough about Greg's Arkat Saga. (And certainly, in Malkioni Cosmology, nature might be created by IG for serving welfare of right people......)

Is there any mention about Sog City and Brithini Necromancers of its University in your future work? How about the unofficial setting of Nick Brooke's site?

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