Brithini religion

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 04:30:33 EET

Terra Incognita:

Me>> (Orlanthi) all religions have that connection and I don't think >> the Brithini are any exception.

> I know Brithini use magic, but how about "religion"? They are
> atheists.

Religion is used here in the sense of interaction with the otherworld. Likewise being atheists hasn't stopped the Jains and some buddhists from being religious.

> The Independent Zzaburi

> Descended from the Brithini, but no longer following their laws, the
> independent Zzaburi orders practice all manner of magics, without the
> restrictions that would be imposed by a moral and God-fearing church.

Unlike Trotsky, I don't see any difference between the metaphysical outlook of the Brithini (i.e. the inhabitants of Brithos, Sog City, Arolanit and God Forgot) and the Zzaburi (i.e. the atheistic sorcerers that live among the monotheists).

Both follow the Cosmic Laws, share the same fear of death, practice all types of sorcery etc. The Brithini differ in that the lay population shares their attitudes and that people live much longer there (for various reasons there).

>> Reason and Logic are different levels of thinking in Glorantha and I >> was basing the above on Revealed Mythologies p18.

> Surely, but it talked about....."Malkioni Sorcerers"?

The Brithini are Malkioni.

> From Brithini POV, I simply thinks Solace was that Zzabur's secret
> weaponry he could access.

It's not. The Brithini do not believe in Solace (regardless of what Revealed Mythologies says). The Brithini view it as a delusion of the unlearned. Zzabur, not Malkion, saved the universe when he used the powers of entropy to cause a new creation.

> Solace is a sort of Heaven that RW monotheism teaches I suppose. But
> if someone can go there, he also can destroy or abuse there, I think.

Why should they? They are with God.

>> That's good because Zzabur didn't teach Solace (despite what >> that article says).

> Or he used the term "Solace" with another meaning.

The article is simply wrong on that point (like quite a few other stuff in revealed mythologies, such as Animists adoring gods).

> As Plentonius used "Illumination" in his GROY.

Plentonius's Illumination is the same Illumination as Nysalor taught. None however are what is known now as Illumination (and which was described in Runequest).

 --Peter Metcalfe


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