Malkion and Zzabur

Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 16:32:30 EET

"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God." (John 1.1)

Zzabur and other Erasanchula are Runes. (RM) Maybe I can call these before humanity "Aeons".....
Runes are Sigils which can be written down to papers. And Zzabur blamed
"Symbols" take its own powers in the Copper Tablet, there are some Joseph
Campbell saying about the difference of occident and orient is the admittance of Symbolic Idea and not. Language is not perfect, but Abiding Book is a miracle that makes imperfect to perfect.

I don't know how much Greg succumbed in the workings of Joseph Campbell. I don't like some part of collection of his lectures "Transformations of Myth through Time". (For it doesn't mention enough about Zoroastrianism and Confucianism and overtoned the Yogic Tantrism...for simplification of the world Elementary Idea) I have another set of his book, "The Masks of God" (but I have failed to finish it several times...) So I don't want to mention it here of its detail..... But in some pages, Campbell blamed a Christian Theologian for he used the term "God" with several meaning.

In older setting, Malkion is mere a Prophet of Invisible God, but Tales #13, Hero Wars and RM more and more make his characteristic complicated / vague as RM diversity of Monotheism Creed. In RM Zzabur hints in fact Malkion IS the God, or an aspect of it. (I don't want to debate about the trinity of Christian Creed or Augustinus or Thomas Aquinas...) I don't want to know who wrote the Copper Tablet, as I don't know who wrote the all of Andrin Words of Heortling Laws. (FREX, see Orlanth is Dead! p. 28, if he is the Lawspeaker of Heort, he didn't have a chance to know Red Goddess.....)

Maybe Peter can Blast some of RM texts and use Hero Quest theory to neutralize some of inconsistency of Glorantha....and I now try to Mystical Refute for by reading his idea about Glorantha in "Crimson Greg" of Questline Fanzine.....and using some of Nick Brooke's writing.  

Zzabur: Sorcerer Supreme, sank whole Land of Vadeli Infidels and Spike, horde of Demons from Hell....brought back Ehilm to the Sky, had assassins take Hrestol's Life, sank the whole fleet of Emperor Miglos, helped God Learners conquering Glorantha (See Glo: Intro HW p.45) , betrayed them and moved Brithos to somewhere unknown otherside aside from Closing, made a plot to sank whole of Fronela, (but later it was stopped by the act of Prince Snodal and Syndics Ban, or he insisted so,.....)

I think, Brithini Leader was very powerful, and don't know restriction except their fear to lose their Immortality in Mundane World, but simply they haven't dared to use their power, but let their pupil God Learners to do so.....I still don't grasp wholly the change of Gloranthan Cosmology from RQ to HQ (W).

What Glorantha makes very intricate is some of powerful existence avoiding to place themselves to Outside more symbolic, obscure or staunch position and choose to living in Mundane World, and blames some (all?) of existences of Outside, but of course, in Mundane World, no one can be safe from physical damage, (except shapeshifter tricksters?) And we RW inhabitants cannot truly understand ther perception and feeling.

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