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Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 21:06:50 EET

Greg Stafford <> wrote:

<snip> Deeper is a Naiad place. Only natural features are used as architecture, and then only to all the Mirrorsea ludoch to find it easily. It has coral caves and grottos of great beauty, and representatives of all the local sea life. The ludoch primarily visit here. Long term visits are eased by the Air (a gift from Diendimos), and in times of worship are augmented by large kelp bubble nets.

Deeper is important because it is the main worship center for the large Choralinthor ludoch tribe, and many other aquatic beings. It has the only temples to Rozgali and Sedlazam (indeed is the Entry to Sedlazam), and to Mirintha and Phargon.

From this my understanding is that Deeper is not really a city of ludoch but more of a coral reef populated by intelligent sea life. If this is the case, then what is the breakdown of the population by species.

And, would it be possible for someone to point me in the proper direction for a description (or cult write up)of the following gods: Rozgali, Sedlazam, Mirintha, Phargon, Diendimos.

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