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>>> The Abiding Book was written in the Abiding Script, and has not been
>>> translated into local languages, except perhaps by the odd heretic or
>>> weirdo. I'd say the analogies with the Koran and Arabic are very apropos.
>I seriously misunderstood about the Book. How do you think did Atheists see
>the miracle of Abiding Book?
Depends on the atheist, I think. Some will see it as a hoax perpetrated by the God Learners, others as the creation of some supernatural being that obviously isn't really God (I'd suspect this is what the Brithini claim), others the product of a sincerely held, yet delusional, belief of some kind.

>>> It hasn't changed - its text is sacred. Having said that, some sects use
>>> books derived from it rather than the thing itself, and others have
>>> books of 'interpretations' of the text which don't agree from sect to
>>> sect.
>Then, Abiding Book was written by a sort of similar language of Brithini?
Yes. Mind you, pretty much everything in the West is written in such a language. The Abiding Script is their standard alphabet, and Malkioni don't generally write in the vernacular.

>>> He truly believes it. Its a key feature of Brithini belief, and not too
>>> far from modern Malkioni belief, either (yes, he was sacrificed for the
>>> world's sake, no he wasn't spread into the material world - he went to
>>> Solace).
>>> --
>But how about the modern Brithini who keep futile living "soulless" bodies
>in Refuge, Sog City and Aloranit? Is there difference between them and their
>ancestors before Dawn? (Or, more optimistic days before Closing? )
They'd claim there isn't any difference. I don't think the Arolanit Brithini in particular have changed noticeably since the Grey Age. This is part of what's so scary about them (especially, one assumes, if you happen to be a change-obsessed Heortling).

>Today, Aloranit is a lifeless desert by abusing tapping (I suppose),

>And certainly, in Malkioni Cosmology, nature might be created by IG for
>serving welfare of right people......
Pretty much, yes, although different sects put different spins on it.

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