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Date: Fri 08 Nov 2002 - 09:15:59 EET

Terra Incognita:

>How do you think did Atheists see
>the miracle of Abiding Book? They certainly helped God Learners founding
>their Empire. (Brithini KNOW Invisible God has no personality as monotheists

Although the Brithini and Zzaburi helped the God Learners at some point, they most probably thought that the Abiding Book was a deluded scripture.

>But how about the modern Brithini who keep futile living "soulless" bodies
>in Refuge, Sog City and Aloranit? Is there difference between them and their
>ancestors before Dawn? (Or, more optimistic days before Closing? )

The modern Brithini, like their ancestors, do not believe in Solace.

>Today, Aloranit is a lifeless desert by abusing tapping (I suppose),

It's not. The only thing that's said about it is that everything there looks gray or that the radiance was taken from the light.


>Their 'Secret' could well be their immortality, of course...

One problem with this is that all Brithini are immortal whereas Secrets are known only to a powerful few. Thus a fair number of Brithini would grow old and die before they had the chance to become immortal. A second problem is that the secret is always in effect whereas we know that if the Brithini break their caste, they age and eventually die.

--Peter Metcalfe


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