Brithini and Vadeli

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Terra Incognita:

> > Both follow the Cosmic Laws, share the same fear of death, practice
> > all types of sorcery etc. The Brithini differ in that the lay
> > population shares their attitudes and that people live much longer
> > there (for various reasons there).

>In RQ terms, Outside Sorcerers need Immortality Spell, but Brithini don't
>need it.

That's not so. The Brithini society was never looked at in depth in Runequest terms nor was the nature of their immortality ever detailed. The only reference to it that I've seen is some draft essay by Greg which never made it into Revealed Mythologies.

> > Why should [people wreck havoc in Solace]? They are with God.

>Vadel revolted against Zzabur and Malkion when "Malkion" was still living
>in RM texts. Zzabur killed Malkion in Abiding Book Credo

But neither the Brithini or the Vadeli can enter Solace because to them, it is something that does not exist. I avoid describing this as a "belief" because that implies something they can change their mind upon given evidence. Instead when they visit the Law Plane, they do not see Solace because of their metaphysical understanding. The converse of this is that the Brithini and Vadeli can see something that the monotheists cannot.

Secondly although the Vadeli fought against Zzabur and other Malkioni, they are not necessarily opponents of Malkion himself. IMO their understanding of Malkion's devolution might be God destroying himself to totally know his creation and so they feel compelled to emulate God's fragments (blood, excrement and dead flesh). That way, they are still Malkioni (even of a vile and perverse sort).

>In RM Zzabur hints in fact Malkion IS the God, or an aspect of it.

IMO Malkion is a personification of the Law Rune, just as Zzabur was a personification of the Magic Rune. Since Law is superior to Magic, that is why Zzabur initially shows Malkion so much respect. But under the strain of the Ice Age and the Gods War, the Laws break down and Malkion visibly degenerates. Zzabur's revolt is sparked by a realization that he must look to himself to save the world - he does not help Malkion because he realizes that Malkion is beyond help.

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