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Leon Kirshtein
> And, would it be possible for someone to point me in
> the proper direction for a description (or cult write
> up)of the following gods: Rozgali, Sedlazam, Mirintha,
> Phargon, Diendimos.

Missing Lands is the official publication you should consult. If you can't get it but have Tales of the Reaching Moon #10, you have a slightly different earlier version.

Rozgali, Sedlazam: Missing Lands p.19
Basically they are the "elementals" of the associate seas. Cult write ups aren't available (yet). Sedlazam is a less militant brother of Serelazam, who figures mightily in the "Outrigger People" section of Revealed Mythologies (pp. 43-45 and subsequent glossary entries). His more militant expression may have been known as Worcha in Heortling myth.

Mirintha is actually in the Prosopaedia (i.e. look up the Lhankor Mhy research library at Mother of Sea Nymphs, ancestress of tritons, and thereby, descending the family tree further, of the mermen.

Ditto for Phargon in the father role, basically the mermen Grandfather Mortal for the God Learners in the class.

Full cult write-ups aren't available yet.

Diendimos is mentioned in King of Sartar, in the "Strange Fragment" (actually Harmast's Westfaring on the back of one of the Sofali great turtles). There he is an air god who had conquered, then married, Ludocha.

Missing Lands has Diendimos as the Naiad (or Niiad) ancestress of the Ludoch. I'm inclined to interpret the "technically naiads" as a reference to the wives, except in the case of the Gnydrons whose ancestor Janelosp sex-changed the storm god would-be rapist and raped it back.

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