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Date: Sat 09 Nov 2002 - 14:28:37 EET

Nils Weinander

> My Elder Secrets is packed down at the moment, so I'll ask
> the Digest readers instead:

> 1. Is there something like our aurora borealis in Glorantha?
> (I saw a splendid one last saturday, which started me
> thinking).

There is the Sky Storm around Pole Star which duplicates this on a much smaller scale:

Elder Secrets p.46:
"The Sky Storm is a very unusual celestial phenomenon. At times, and no one has ever correctly prophesied or calculated the times, bursts of brilliant lights, scintillating clouds, and blinding color patterns appear to swirl and explode around the Pole Star, usually encompassing Dayzatar's Eye as well. The effect is usually largest in the winter, at its least in the spring and autumn, and most common, but only moderately sized, in the summer."

> 2. What are comets in Glorantha? Are there periodic comets?

There are the Lunar Comet Seers in the Dragon Pass boardgame, so the existence of comets in Glorantha are a given.

If they were conceivably periodic, I suppose the Yuthuppan Star Seers would name them planets. However, the number of their appearances may have been too few to assign any pattern yet, if their movement resembles patterns like the Southpath's.

In general, there ought to be lots of celestial skerries moving across the Sky Dome unnoticed for their lack of size or luminescence. They could be home to a small tribe of celestial beings of the lower heavens, smaller versions of Storm Age Veldara (ancestral home of the Artmali). Revealed Mythologies tells us about quite a few blue-skinned people coming down from the sky in the Storm Age. Fancy some chose to remain up there?

Or they could be the crushed remains of stars or planets in the wake of the Jugger.

At times, these comets might make a spectacular appearance by developing a tail and moving visibly across the sky. This might be caused by them changing their height and fighting or absorbing whichever region they approach.

The biggest comet in Gloranthan myth may have the Pamaltelan Firefall.

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