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David Dunham

> Is there any information in print about Laskal, that most missing of 

> lands (other than Banamba, its northern coast)? It's not included in
> Missing Lands.

A sentence here and there. Do you like browsing through a lot of books?

Sources are Missing Lands (Banamba, Dumanaba, Laskal, Doraddi WMFTM - conch shells = Doraddi change come from the rivers of Laskal), KoS Harrek's Circumnavigation, Tales #11 (pp. 28-30 & 32), miscellaneous in RQ 3 Intro to the Gods of Glorantha
(, Revealed Mythology (Garangordos myth), Elder Secrets of Glorantha, Troll Gods (Aranea Cult). Maybe there are some that i missed (it's not difficult).

That's my summary:

The jungle is wet, hot and dense. It has no Great Tree but is ruled by unaligned yellow elf tribes. The Forest of Disease is a local stronghold of Chaos so chaotic horrors are likely to be a frequent problem in Laskal (maybe in the easternmost parts, where hydrae are not unheard of, ESG). Human jungle tribes live in the woods with the elves' permission (signs and tokens allow them not to be spotted as intruders; Tales#11). The humans consider themselves as creatures of the wild, for the elves don't accept creatures not of the wild to live in their forest. Tribes such as the Bat-People suggest connections with other creatures of the wild too. However, some jungle people are well-acquainted with the cities and vice-versa.

To the South-West of Laskal are the Mari Mountains. On this side, the jungle encroaches high on their slopes, and this area is known for its spider-people. The spider-people are known to have a great sanctuary at Web Combe in the Mari Mountains.


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