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From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Mon 11 Nov 2002 - 21:41:03 EET

David Dunham

> Is there any information in print about Laskal, that most
> missing of lands (other than Banamba, its northern coast)?
> It's not included in Missing Lands.

There is nothing other than the short info in Fonrit material in both Missing Lands (or the old "Heroes" magazine preprint) and Revealed Mythologies, a short mention for Bat Hsunchen somewhere, and the fact that Harrek returned there after his circumnavigation and became king.

> I also wonder where the Vadeli can be found in the 1620s.
> Clearly in the Vadeli Isles, and Jrustela.

IMO Brown Vadeli have settled small to city-quarter-sized ghettoes in all major Genertelan port cities. In my campaign they are especially abundant in Dosakayo.

Red Vadeli are IMO limited to the western seas, i.e. Umathela, Jrustela and their home islands.

> Do they still have any holdings in Pamaltela or elsewhere?

Holdings as rulers over ignorant natives? I tend to doubt it, since they would need an isolated population of somewhat primitive natives in order to play the fake gods game.

I don't know whether there are any refugee Veldang populations west of Afadjann. If there are, they might be prey for this outdated tactic.

Or they might try and dupe the human slaves of the Slon Mostali. (Are these descended from the Tadeniti, or results of the slave trade from Oabil?) They might present themselves as successful Elevens (after all, they don't age...). However, given their history with the Mostali, I doubt the Decamony would take long to recognize Vadeli duplicity.

Holdings as tyrants over a conquered population? Possible, again under isolated conditions. Sulayz certainly would offer the possibility.

Given the description of the Kachasti War, are the Pelandan blue sorcerers technically Vadeli?

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