Re: Merfolk domes and air supplies

From: simon_hibbs2 <>
Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002 - 13:15:14 EET

Simon Phipp :

>"Chimneys are rare, for stead 'hearth maidens' (minor wind daimones)
control stray drafts and
>spiral smoke from the fire up into the rafters, where it is spun
into tiny rainbow-sheened balls
>of ash" (Thunder Rebels, p30, talking about Longhouses). If
Longhouses can have spirits or
>daimones doing menial jobs such as clearing smoke, then why not use
Wind Daimones to bring air
>into mermen dwellings? Also, there are real world amphibians that
carry air down under the water
>as bubble rafts on their skin, so that they can breathe underwater
and can build air nests for
>eggs. I can see a mythical version of this working for mermen.

The wind naturals blows smoke about, so wind daimones blowing about smoke in a usefull way
is clearly a natural task for them. How many winds naturaly blow about under water? Of course
it's possible to do that using magic, but it won't be easy and it's hardly what I'd call a natural
or sensible way to go about things. Real world amphibians do make air bubbles, so obviously
that's natural behaviour in glorantha too.

I'm only explaining my preferences, not making pronouncements or judgements about how
things can, can't, must or must not be done. All I'm saying is that the difficulty, or practicality of
using magic in a certain way in Glorantha IMHO should be proportional to how close it is
to natural behaviour or effects.

Simon Hibbs

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