Date: Thu 14 Nov 2002 - 16:44:42 EET

Hello, recently Efendi and I talked about salt and its method of production, through it, some questions appeared....

  1. How Heortling make their salt? It seems it is precious product as it is used the ritual of Greeting. In Japan Archipelago, traditionally salt are made from salt pans, for there is not salt mines in Japan. If salt mines exists in Glorantha, is it sweat of Gods....

(I remember how Bad King Urgrain lost to his method to get salt from trading
partner in David Dunham's site.)

2) Is their any myth about salt for Heortlings? And it there any creation myth for merfolk about how the sea water became salty (or how freshwater started?) I remember something about Zaramaka or Kethaela, Righthand Isles....
And I remember something about Waha and Prax myth for salty sea water.
(Oliver's site?)

3) IIRC, freshwater fish and saltwater fish have different system of branchial respiration for osmotic pressure in about merfolks?
(Sorry, I don't have Four Scrolls of R at hand...) I remember most of
ordinary merfolks for land humanity are not water blessing....but how about the God Age freshwater merfolks and deep tritons and gnydrons?

4) What is Salt Diamond? (Please don't try to answer seriously...)



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