Vadeli! Where?

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <>
Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 15:16:08 EET

David Dunham:
> I also wonder where the Vadeli can be found in the 1620s.=20
> Clearly in the Vadeli Isles, and Jrustela.

Joerg B:
IMO Brown Vadeli have settled small to city-quarter-sized ghettoes in all major Genertelan port cities. In my campaign they are especially abundant in Dosakayo. Red Vadeli are IMO limited to the western seas, = i.e. Umathela, Jrustela and their home islands.

Correct, IMO too: Genertela book (1621), page 35 Glorantha book: Vadeli = language is spoken by the *widely-scattered Vadeli people*; also: page 28-29: various ref to *Vadeli battles against Maslo, Umathela = and Fonrit*; after 1594, Vadeli control no coasts of Pamaltela; = Keathaelans free Dosakayo from the Closing in 1586 but maybe (brown) = Vadeli were already there.
The Players book (pag 34) adds on: Vadeli pockets of Refugees live in = almost every port in the world.
This affirmation (provided you consider it still valid) states that = (probably) Vadeli in 1620 do not control major political areas (after = their power was destroyed in Pamaltela in 1594), but maybe they are = behind some thrones, especially those based on naval power (like Melib's = at Dosakayo).
I would also check the Kings of Seshnela documents by Gregs, since it = hints of Dosakayo (Svalaksval) and Vadeli in Teshnos, IIRC.


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