YarGan and Blue People

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Graham, your recent restriction is hard for me, I think my e-mails have been rejected simply when I included only one or two Japanese Character blanks....

> Joerg:
> >> Given the description of the Kachasti War, are the Pelandan blue
> >> sorcerers technically Vadeli?

No, I don't think so, either.
About Peter's idea, see here.
http://www.glorantha.com/greg/q-and-a/bluepeople.html http://www.glorantha.com/greg/q-and-a/janube.html

> Peter Metcalfe:
> > No. The Blue Wizards originate as sorcerers from Sog City
> The Sogites are in league with the cannibalistic abominations of
> Darkness Pelanda? I didn't think they were involved in Pelanda. Not

> beyond summoning the Janube from the Sweet Sea.

I rather think they and YarGan gradually got their hands dirty with Dark Sorcery exiled from their Unknown homeland. About the original Blue People of Pelanda, see Entekosiad p.49-53. I think they had very mixed origin.
Perhaps some of sorcerers mated with Deep Ones with Cthulhu Myth sense and got blue skins....IMHO.

> > and are so called because they were servants of the Blue Folk, not
> > because of the colour of their skin.
YarGan also came Pelanda over Great Barge and killed Blue People King Oronin. Maybe he welcomed his former relatives.

> So the people of King Blue were not sorcerous at all?
Rather I think King Blue got blue skin when he contacted the Demon Erstoro, (later it was renamed "Ganesatarus" by HQ or something magical vagueness.)

> > The Blue Vadeli are not associated with water but corpses.
> I didn't say or mean Blue Vadeli, but generally "evil sorcerers from the
> west". Revealed Mythologies could be summarized as "good prehistoric
> sorcery=Zzabur, bad prehistoric sorcery=Vadeli". In the Kachasti War,
> Vadeli subjects or prisoners of war turn upon their Kachasti masters in

> southern Fronela, help their Mostali allies in raising the Nidan
> Mountains, and enslave the Kachasti. Afterwards, the Pelandans tell
> about King Blue and sorcerers committing atrocities in their lands to
> match Zzaburite propaganda about Endernef.

Maybe it is the coincidence by chance, simply. In Glorantha, something might turn "Very Evil" into blue....and let them into Hell. Nick Brooke told so in Glo Con #4.


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