Blue People in Lore Auction

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> Subject: Very Evil Into Blue...
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> TI writes:
> > In Glorantha, something might turn "Very Evil" into blue...
> > and let them into Hell. Nick Brooke told so in Glo Con #4.
> Did I? Context, please!

Glorantha Con #4 Compendium p.18 The Lore Auction of Sandy Petersen and Nick Brooke.

Though I don't think you and Sandy seriously told so, neither was I when I wrote it. I was just rumbling.

I (and maybe, Joerg) might tend to assume that there is always a sort of conspiracy theory or entity behind the Evil of Glorantha like Vadeli, YarGan, Spolite, Kingdom of War with Unorthodox (or Anti-canon) POV. Classic Glorantha always has Chaos as the Greatest Threat to the World aside of relativism and schism of the many cultures and races.

(Entekosiad told us that there is a relativity and process of change in Mythologic Scheme in Glorantha written by mortality, though we don't know enough about Vadeli and Spolite Empire.)

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