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Hi friends

there is a new fantastic product we can proudly present - MOONRITES.

Moon Rites is a special collection of material that will be published in December 2002 as a fundraiser for Gloranthacon VIII in conjunction with the Chaos Society. Focusing on the Empire and its subjugation of the barbarian nations of the extremity, the book will feature articles, fiction, scenarios and artwork from some of Glorantha's most talented explorers and shapers.

A preliminary list of Moon Rites contents includes the following, in no particular order:

Gladiators in the Empire - a survey by Martin Laurie. Crime and Punishment - organised crime by Mark Galeotti. The Dunvokings - A Lunar nation of West Doblian, by Mark Galeotti. The Surgeons of Vitality - Peter Metcalfe performs an autopsy on the heart and spleen of this most unusual cult.
The Crimson Bat, as we know and love her, by Roderick Robertson. The Ice Traders of Yolp, a dark and hungry scenario from James 'Uz' Frusetta.
Dirty Little Gods, a trio of Lunar deities from Simon Bray. 'The Sad Demise of the Red Rock Clan, And My Part In Its Downfall' - flashy fiction by Bryan Thexton.
Palashee Longaxe - epic battle poetry from Andrew Dawson. As the Moon Turns - the Lunar calendar explained by Stephen Martin, Alex Ferguson and Nils Weinander.
The 97 Child Missionaries of Raibanth by Peter Nordstrand. Cora of the Two Appetites, a cult that's hard to swallow by Oliver Bernuetz. A Lunar Twins cult and story by Nils Weinander. Tales of Creation - An Aggari myth sequence by David Millians. The Imperial Society for the Reclamation of Pavis by Bo Rosen. Encounters with a Dilettante by Gianfranco Geroldi. Plus! Sandy Petersen's Gamesmastering tips and a number of other surprises from our convention guests.

Moon Rites will feature the art of Simon Bray, Dario Corallo, Sarah Evans and Claire Steyert. The collection is edited by John Hughes.

You can order it at on sales - secure order.



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