The Long Awaited Scots Con

From: Graham Robinson <>
Date: Sat 30 Nov 2002 - 01:19:08 EET

After months of patient behind the scenes plotting (read months of arguing with venues who think visitors to Scotland want to pay a fortune for rooms, a little bit of panicing, and lot of dreaming up fun things for people to do...) we are proud to announce the first Scottish Glorantha Con. The clans will be gathering next September for a weekend of fun, games, and drunkness in bonny Scotland, land of mountains, whisky and the ubiquitous tartan.

<B>Where Will the Clans Gather?</B>

The convention is being held at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. The Scottish capital is easily reached by rail, road or plane, and has much to see and do, if you wish to turn your convention visit into a proper holiday. The University is set on a beautiful campus on the edge of the city, easily reached by bus or taxi, and has all the facilities we need, including rooms, food, and drink.


Events will run from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th September 2003. Breakfast will also be available on the Monday morning!

<B>How Much?</B>

Early bird offer

For those who book before the 31st March 2003, the entire weekend will cost 90 ($135). This includes most events, bed, and full Scottish breakfast.

After 31st March, we'll need to charge the full price of 105 for the weekend.

Individual days cost 35 ($53) including bed and breakfast, or 10 ($15) non-residential.

To book your place, we need a deposit of 20 ($30) as soon as possible. Places may be limited. When registering, please include your name, email address, postal address, and anything we need to know (such as diet restrictions).

Payments can either be by cheque (in Pounds Sterling only) or by PayPal (in U.S. Dollars). Make cheques payable to "G. Robinson & C. Steyert" and send to Scots Con, Viewfield West, Borrowstoun Road, Bo'ness, West Lothian, EH51 9RS, U.K. Use the address for PayPal.


At present we do not have a confirmed list of events, although we have some ideas! You can confidentally expect a range of role playing and board games, freeforms, and seminars, along with such events as the auction, trollball, and a sing-a-long. More details as soon as we have them!

If you can help by running an event, please get in touch! All volunteers will be suitably rewarded.


At the moment, we don't know exactly who will be attending. We'll let you know when we do!

We're a small con, with a small budget, so we aren't likely to be able to afford to pay all the expenses of flying guests in from America or Australia (much as we'd like to). Instead, we have a small fund set aside to contribute to the costs of people coming long distances who are willing to help run lots of events. If you have anyone you think qualifies for this help (even yourself!) let us know, along with ideas of what we should make them do to earn their keep!

<B>Fund Raiser</B>

To keep costs down, we plan to release a fund raiser book. If you would like to contribute to this (in return for a free copy) please get in touch. The contents are unlikely to have a single theme, and we'd like a range of fiction, scenarios, cameos, myths, cults, etc. Short, light hearted pieces would be very welcome.

Having said that, if someone has a 30,000 word campaign setting they think we could publish, we'll consider it!

<B>What's In A Name? (Competition)</B>

As you might have noticed, we are having a marked lack of success in thinking up a good name for the con! So we're going to throw it open to you. Send your suggested name(s) to with "name the con" as the subject by 20th December. We'll pick the best, and provide the winner with some free drinks at the con (or a free copy of the fund raiser if you can't make it).

<B>More Information? Questions?</B>

We're working on a proper set of web pages, but at the moment you'll find the latest information at

We've also set up a mailing list - scotscon-info. This will be used for making announcements. We'll send out occasional press releases to the main Gloranthan lists, but for all the latest news, subscribe here!

To subscribe, send an e-mail to containing only the word "subscribe". Alternatively, visit the web page

If you have any questions, comments, etc. please e-mail

Thanks for reading.

Graham Robinson & Claire Steyert
Convention Organisers


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