Shadow of Pavis

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Date: Sat 09 Aug 2003 - 00:37:38 EEST

Hi friends

Shadow of Pavis - the fourth booklet of the Pavis and Big Rubble Compendium, which started with YBoT # 3 and goes through Masks of Pavis to Legacy of Pavis (and Rough Guide to Pavis City) - is in printing process now. So it will be out next week and all preoders will be delivered right away. Take a look on the preoder list at Tradetalk-info at yahoogroups for further information.

The Content of Shadow of Pavis is (beside a fantastic layout from Roderick Robertson and excellent illustration form Dario, Addy, Juha, Claire, Eric, Mark and Carrie):
- The Pavis Donandari

All this stuff was mostly written, rewritten and colletected and edited by our from the Indipendent Glorantha publisher honoured author - IAN THOMSON. He has surpassed himself with this bookelt and I can pomise you, you will like his stuff.

You can order it now at at the secure oder site with Credit Card (VISA; MC; AMEX).

On this website you should also take a look at the new published Novel from Penelope Love - Widow's Tale - a book full of adventure and heroes.

Furthermore you shouldn't forget the YBOT # 4 and # 5 is out now and still awaits your order. Two books full of scenarios.



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