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> >Mick Rowe:
> >>Is anything known about what the area and people
> >along the Noshian
> >>River were like before the drowning of Slontos and
> >the forming of the
> >>New Fens?

Nosian River - Highwater was probably the highest point of navigation in the 2nd Age. With all the upheavals and de-civilization of the region, who knows how far the river head is these days. Since the city is ruined, its probably much farther downstream.

> First, see the official site for some known information. Most of the hard hard data I hae complied is about the First Age. Here is a general synopsis, though:
> Slontos was a pretty wild area in the First Age. Few people, lots of nonhumans, lots of dense woods.
> At the end of the First Age the Golden Empire conquered the rgion, led by the Iron Vrok himself.
> It was liberated by Arkat and his army of the West, which then marched to Dragon Pass when the uz and Heortlings rose in rebellion.
> In the Imperial Age the Middle Sea Empire colonized the coasts of Slontos and took over most of the interior. The northern areas were never fully conquered, but formed several tribal groups whose fortunes varied widely. They served for and against the EWF and the Middle Sea Empire's Archduke of Slontos as fortune offered them opportunities. Their lands were often battlegrounds for the major contnders and occasionally sufferred horribly.

A few of my thoughts on the matter... FWIW.

Many of these peoples in the area now called Wenelia were renaments of other cultures and peoples who barely survived the Darkeness. I think, in the 3rd Age, Wenelians from the drowned area renamed what is now Wenelia in honour of their drowned homeland (or the Trader Princes screwed the name up on their way East - "No, I am sure its just their word for village.")

Most of the peope throughout the area are the last survivors of their peoples/nation/etc and cling to what little identity (and territory!) they have left. Harandings, Helerites and various obscure Orlanthi folk have been forced westward. I think that something similar has happened with the Hsunchen. If we're still dealing with analogies, I think its like the Balkans.

> The names of the leaders and "kingdoms" varied widely and wildly during that time. Coastal regions were generally ruledd by the Archduke.

Most of the cities on the 2nd Age map don't exit - massive depopulation which has still not recovered. Probably due to the locals purging themselves of any Godlearner knowlege, including any farming techniques picked up along the way.

The area has become greatly reforested since the 2nd Age with the depopulations caused at the end of the age. Many of the river valleys are only now being resettled and the land cleared for use. The agriculure is fairly primitive. I am not sure how much aldryami influence there is - I think they are still mostly to the Arstolia forest.

> Again, both EWF and God Learner influences came and went and often contributed the nuclear formations of the tribes and counties that were temporarily formed.

I think there's not a lot of unity in that region - the Orlanthi types certainly never seemed to have developed a Heort figure. I suspect that without the Middle Sea Empire, the Malkioni are in a similar state.

> Throughout most of that the early Hsunchen peoples and Heortling religions continued their geographic style clans and temple organizaions.
> After Slontos sank many refugees came into the aea, tending to the coasts. When the oceans were closed they dissipated.

Without ocean contact, I don't think they had the ablity to maintain their culture. Most were exterminated or "went native." However, I think the area around Fay Jee may have some renament and or bastardized culture which grew up after the whole collapse thing. Its about the only city left in the area from the previous time frame (other than Kaxtorplose and that's apparently a rather special case).

> Jeff Kyer is working on a project inthe Third Age about this area, and may be able to contribute some details that he is going to incorporate into his project.
> Greg Stafford

Er, thanks. I'll see wht I can do. The 3rd Age is built on the rubble of the 2nd but I've not spend exhaustive amounts of time exhuming the rubble. Trader Princes: Blood Covered Gold, is centered around Fay Jee and deals with the Wenlians mostly from the point of view of the Princes.

Hope this helps!


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