What Praxians Wear

From: Julian Lord <jlord@free.fr>
Date: Tue 19 Aug 2003 - 15:22:05 EEST

Pete :

> For reasons too bizarre to get info, I need to know what Praxians wear =
> so I can make some costumes.
> Yes, yes, I know they wear hides, obviously - but how do they wear them? =
> Sling 'em over the shoulder, toga-style? Punch a hole for the head and =
> wear it like a shirt? Fur on or off? Rawhide or tanned? Tailored, =
> fringed jackets a la Native American from Central Casting? =20
> Outside of a few illustrations in Cults of Prax I don't know of any =
> sources on this - unless you can enlighten me.

My personal favourite source is the cover of Borderlands, although Praxians have also been depicted in TotRM, Drastic:Prax, etc.

I believe that the general tone is Native American as appearing in Western movies, Blueberry comics, etc., although certainly styles would vary from tribe to tribe, and clan to clan.

Don't expect Rhino tribe warriors to be dressed like the Ostrich people !

And their womenfolk also make fabrics from various praxian grasses.

Julian Lord

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